What do ice cubes, a squeegee and an empty toilet roll tube have in common?


They may not be the answer to all your problems but every home could use another life hack!

There are some weird and wonderful ways to use even the most ordinary of things. Take a look at a couple of tricks we have learnt along the way.

Ice Cubes aren’t only for your drinks!

Get rid of the indentations in your carpet using ice cubes! Let them melt in the indentation. The fibres in the carpet will absorb the water then fluff them up. Your carpet will look brand new!

There’s more than one use for your squeegee!

This can be used for more than cleaning windows. Get unwanted pet hair out of your carpet by dragging out the embedded hair with a squeegee.

Don’t just throw away your empty toilet roll tube!

Attach it to the end of the nozzle on your vacuum to make an extra nozzle that can squeeze into all the crevices. Just squish the end of the toilet roll into those hard to reach places that tend to gather dust easily.

We even have a use for your empty tissue box!

Now that we are all in the habit of keeping hold of our plastic bags and reusing them, we need somewhere to store them. Your empty tissue box is perfect for stuffing with plastic bags so they’re always handy when you need them again.

No life hack list would be complete without the tip that you have the best intentions of using but are sure you’ll never bother with. But trust us, you will want to try this!!!

Turn your shower into a spa!

Tie eucalyptus leaves onto your shower head and let your hot shower do the rest. Plus it will leave your bathroom smelling amazing!!