The rental market continues to boom


The rental market continues to be frantic with multiple viewings commonplace. Well priced and presented properties certainly do not hang around for long!
Our new Rent Protection and Legal Cover policy which runs alongside our Fully Managed service (T&C apply) is a popular option for landlords who want a safety net should the tenant run into any problems paying the rent - ensuring that their mortgage and other outgoings can still be covered. Even the best tenant can unfortunately experience unforeseen problems. Naturally, Covid has had a big effect on finances and maintains a degree of uncertainty in the market. We are therefore delighted to have a product in place to counter this and provide landlords with confidence in renting their property out. 

There have been a host of legislation changes over the past year, including the requirement for electrical checks and several changes regarding notice periods (that landlords have to give tenants). It is vital that landlords keep up to speed with these changes to prevent any complications during the tenancy or use a managing agent who can ensure compliance on their behalf. 
If you have a property to let, we would love to hear from you!