The Power Of Social Media


How important is social media in selling your property?

Although not currently considered a primary method for selling property, social media is fast becoming ever more useful in the sales process.

Sharing your property listing with friends and family and local community groups is a great way to maximise the number of potential viewers to your property. We have made it even easier to share your property on social media by including share links on your property listing page.

As there are over 45 million active social media users in the UK, the opportunity to find a buyer for your property is there. The more it is utilised as an effective marketing tool, the more chance you will have of finding a buyer.

At Pattinson, we advertise via multiple social media channels. We can generate 1,000's of views of your property in just a few days with the help of our combined paid-for adverts. We can then gauge the demand for your property based on how many people engage with the post. Every view, click, like, and share is recorded, and the statistics are right at our fingertips.

Key facts about social media;

  • 45 million social media users in the UK alone
  • 74% of users check social media at least once a day
  • Users spend on average of 1h 50mins on social media per day
  • Social media increases the visibility and exposure of your property to a wider audience, which equates to more potential buyers
  • It doesn't cost you anything to share on social media
  • Generates new and fresh interest in your property, which leads to more viewings equating to more offers and helps you achieve your property's maximum price
  • Encourages friends and family to share on their social media, too, creating a domino effect of interest in your property


Your future buyer could literally be a 'like' away. What are you waiting for? Start sharing today!