Ready for a Close Up?


The right photographs can make your property stand out from the crowd and it is the first thing that potential buyers notice. Before we arrive to snap your property follow our simple guide to achieve the right first impression.

Let there be Light - Light is the most important ingredient to a good photo, turn lights on and open the curtains.

Space - Make the most of the space available. If you have too much furniture in your house consider putting some items in storage

Clear the Decks - Clear kitchen benches, bathroom shelfs and any unnecessary clutter.

See the Subject - Move those offending objects, nobody wants to see a close up of your wheely bin or your car boot.

The Dreaded Toilet Seat - put the seat down!!!

Gardens - get the lawn cut, remove those pesky weeds, clear moss and freshen up.

Clear up the Confusion - If you have a dining room with no dining table or bedroom with no bed, buyers may struggle to imagine what they can do with that room. Consider dressing the room to give the room a purpose.

Above all, see your property through a buyers eyes, what would you be looking for and most importantly what would put you off. A little time spent presenting your house could make you £000's in the long run but will ultimately make you stand out from the competition.