Property Management and Rentals Update


The New Year tends to be a great opportunity to reflect on the year past and focus on your vision for the future. Significantly in 2023, we had a large number of landlords wanting us to takeover the management of their rental property, either from another agent or that they have been managing themselves. Whilst some of these changes have come through necessity, we very often hear that landlords want Pattinson Estate Agency to manage their property because of the increasing legislation that they are having to deal with and the concerns about staying on top of compliance. On a more exciting note, we also have a lot of landlords increasing their portfolio and therefore needing an agent to take away some of the day to day strain, so they can focus on expansion. 

The great news is that our letting and management fees are typically tax deductible (check with your accountant or professional tax advisor for your own situation). So why take on the stress and hassle of doing everything yourself when Pattinson can do it for you?

Let the Property Management Department of the Year do the hard work for you!