Pattinson Property Market Update


THANK YOU so, so much to everyone for being understanding and supportive during the last two months, and especially the last 24 hours.


The Government recently announced that the property market was fully open again, which came as a bolt out of the blue for every estate agent! It was fantastic to hear from so many of our customers yesterday. Still, with hundreds of landlords and thousands of sellers, our phones have rung off the hook, and we are sorry we haven't managed to speak to you all but we will.


We had followed the previous advice of strictly only necessary moves going ahead. Now lots of tenants who have been waiting to move patiently will be able to move in and sales progress to completion, which is excellent news!


We have sold 200 houses and rented 150 while we have been working from home. The majority of our staff will continue to work from home. Only those who are unable to work from home will be working from our offices. We will return to offices but only if it is necessary and safe.  The overwhelming response from staff and customers is that they would prefer not to rush forwards.


We have always had a plan for how and when we would re-introduce viewings; we just expected to have some notice and there to be an easing of restrictions.


Our first objective is keeping staff and customers safe. Social distancing is essential, but that is just distance, our staff are safer at home than they are standing 2 metres away from someone. We will continue to offer virtual viewings in the first instance. Then if viewers are genuinely interested in pursuing a property, we will try to arrange an in-person viewing from a safe distance. 


Sellers can allow people to come and view their property. Still, again we are recommending a virtual viewing first and then an in-person viewing with sellers and buyers taking precautions.


For valuations, we can carry out valuations of empty properties, but we won't be visiting people's homes unless it is absolutely necessary and safe. We can do Virtual Valuations, email contracts out and receive photographs all digitally. All of our national auction properties are listed online, so we have lots of experience selling properties in this fashion.


I'm really proud of how the team have managed to cope during the most challenging of circumstances, and how supportive our customers have been.


Stay safe, stay positive and best wishes!


Caroline Pattinson

Managing Director