Pattinson Auction, and now Pattinson International!


We are thrilled to announce that our award-winning auction service, Pattinson Auction, is expanding internationally! We are continuing to grow our UK portfolio of almost 3,000 partner agents and extending to the European market. First stop, Spain!  

With over 30 years of auction experience, we are the original pioneers of the ‘Modern Method of Auction’ and it’s a great honour to be recognised within the property industry as one of the most innovative and fastest growing service providers to estate agents. The continued success of our model is allowing agents and property owners both nationally and internationally access to sale through auction.  

Auction Director, and the main driver behind this international expansion, Justin Beckwith comments, ‘We initially came up with the idea of expanding into Spain as a result of multiple requests from buyers and sellers, asking us if we are able to sell property in Spain, or if we have any properties available to buy in Spain.  We are also aware that property transactions can be quite clunky, and with the added benefit of transparency, speed, and readily available information that can be provided for auction sales, we would be able to provide a much more streamlined and efficient way of transacting.’ 

Thanks to the Pattinson International’s auction facility, estate agents in Spain can now benefit by having their very own auction department offering their clients a 0% sales fee, with immediate exchange of contracts and completion in 12 weeks (about 3 months), from start to finish!  

For agents, it is an incredible opportunity to generate revenue and have the chance to earn an extremely competitive commission that will be paid upon exchange of contracts. All at zero cost to their agency. The auction method is a safe, secure, and speedy option of sale, with 24-hour online bidding, in a process where the buyer secures the deposit. 

By partnering with us, agents have the unique opportunity to, not only expand their network internationally, but also to increase their revenue without the added stress and expense of hiring additional staff, increasing office space, and paying for new technology. Everything is included, along with a branded auction website and other innovative marketing materials, all tailored to their existing brand. 

The official launch will be on the 5 April 2023 at the Don Pepe Hotel, Marbella, Spain at 1 pm. Followed by a celebration of cocktails, champagne and delicious canapés where some of the Pattinson Auction team will engage in industry discussions, and answer questions from prospective partner agents.