Own Your Own Private Island!


Picture this! Located in the Pumalin National Park, northern Patagonia, the exquisite island (Isla Los Conejos) is one of the world’s last remaining un-spoilt landscapes. Nestled at the foot of majestic mountains, glorious glaciers, and dense rain forests, this must be one of the most beautiful natural locations in South America.  

The visual delights of turquoise waters and dazzling fjords fed by ancient glaciers, make up the Yelcho Lake with its impeccable freshwater reserves creating one of the best locations for Fly Fishing! The famed Futaleufu River is also one of the world’s premier white water rafting rivers, offering world class rafting at varying levels. 

Isla Los Conejos comprises of 23.60 acres of sheer secluded beauty, including a large virgin native forest home to several rare bird species. And it is for sale through Pattinson Auction/Pattinson International!

The island lies within the town of Chaiten, which neighbours the popular tourist towns of Futaleufu and Palena.  The National Park protects the regions flora and fauna, including a native forest with 3000-year-old endangered trees as well as many rare species of animal. Those keen on fishing are often pleasantly surprised that a region with no native salmon species could evolve into one of the greatest trout and salmon destinations in the world! 

The island comes with two furnished cabins, one of which has 2 bedrooms and one with 1 bedroom. The two-bedroomed cabin has a living/dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. And the other cabin comprises of one main room with single beds. Water is accessed through mechanical extraction, and electricity is provided to the facilities through a gas generator. The cabins also have the benefit of cable service and satellite internet! Outside of both cabins there is a BBQ area for making the most of al fresco dining, which will be an absolute must in such a beauty spot!  

A solid iron pier is currently under construction on the island. 

Pattinson Auction’s partner-agents in Marbella Spain are thrilled with such a listing, Agent Karina Blanes from Consilium Real Estate explains, ‘The opportunity to add Isla Conejos in Patagonia Chile to our catalogue exceeded our expectations, due to the quality and the product. Although at CONSILIUM Real Estate we are used to finding a wide range of properties, architectural wonders and luxury projects, the island is a striking product that is different from the rest, and that makes it unique in the world.’ 

Agent Karina Blanes continues, ‘We are sure that the new and exclusive owner of Isla Conejos will fall in love with the island, a real jewel in Lago Yelcho, one of the last unspoilt places in the world!’ 

This exclusive opportunity is truly a dream come true!