North East named the most affordable for housing


The North East was named the most affordable place to buy a house in the UK, with 16 per cent of single people able to afford a property in the region, a study has shown.    
The recent study conducted by housing charity Shelter revealed that single people are in general being priced out of the housing market in almost every part of the country.      
The study showed that singletons in almost every region of the country cannot afford one in ten homes on sale, and are struggling to get a foothold on the property ladder.
Shelter warns that if the government do not do anything to tackle the causes of the housing crisis and the shortage of affordable homes, then things are only due to get worse, reports.    
Campbell Robb, Shelter's chief executive told that when the number of affordable properties can be counted on one hand, it is not difficult to see why a stable home of their own is becoming a distant dream.
Mr Robb said: "It's right that young people who want to aspire to own their own home should work hard and save each month, but with such pitiful numbers of affordable homes on offer - even with a generous 20 per cent deposit - our housing shortage is holding them back."