Investors prefer to invest in UK property over other assests


A new survey has found that investors would rather invest in UK property than in shares or other assets.  
Conducted by Lloyds TSB Private Banking, the survey shows that investors' confidence in UK property has risen significantly - rising to 32 per cent in July. This is compared to 25 per cent in June, 18 per cent in May and just 8 per cent in April, reports
According to, improving figures from a variety of regions have helped boost these numbers. The biggest improvement was in Wales, where confidence rose from 7 per cent in April to 32 per cent in June and July. The West Midlands jumped from 8 per cent to 34 per cent and the North West of England went from -2 per cent to 22 per cent.
In London, 44 per cent of investors believe the outlook for property in the next six months in positive, compared to 12 per cent who think it is negative.
Ashish Misra, head of investment policy at Lloyds TSB Private Banking, said: "Housebuilders have performed well in the stock market recently, mainly as a result of government programmes to boost house sales. With regard to commercial property, our client portfolios are slightly overweight in this asset class."