Customer Update from our Managing Director


At the start of April, I set targets for the company to achieve with regards to listings, sales, rentals etc. The difficulty was that we had no idea what could be achievable because we have never faced these circumstances before (and hopefully never will again).


The Pattinson team rose to the challenge and hit most of their targets, including selling 100 properties in April.  It goes to show that you can get results with hard work, teamwork and a positive attitude. We asked our sellers to help us by sending videos of their properties, and we received over 100 in less than five days. In return, we have made a donation of £2,000 to the NHS charity fund. 


We can't predict what will happen to the property market in the upcoming months. Still, we can tell you what is happening currently. I am pleased to say that the demand for sale and rental properties remains high. Since the lockdown came into force on 23rd March, we have registered 1,961 new buyers and tenants actively looking for properties!  


We've also received nearly 6,000 viewing requests in total, including; 

over 2,000 for rental properties
1,000 for sale properties, and
almost 3,000 viewing requests were for auction properties.  

We are not currently carrying out in-person viewings; we are arranging either a virtual viewing or a video tour and through this we have been able to secure sales and rentals for our sellers and landlords.


We don't know when lockdown will be relaxed, but we have a clear plan in place for how, as a company, we will bring a phased return to 'normal'.  We will continue to work from home for as long as it is required. We have shown that we can get results working from our kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, spare rooms, and one member of staff has converted their garden shed into a home office! 


Best wishes, keep positive and stay safe!


Caroline Pattinson

Managing Director