Controversial housing proposals plough ahead


Proposals for the development of 21,000 new homes have been outlined by Newcastle Council, reports.
In a bid to ensure Newcastle has enough homes to house the next generation, Newcastle Council has drawn up plans for the development of 21,000 new homes which - if given the green light - will be built over the coming 20 years.
Their plans have caused their fair share of controversy, however, with 6,000 of the new homes set to be built on greenbelt land. This figure does represent a reduction, though, after the initial plans set out 7,500 properties on the rural grounds.
Whilst the decision to build on Green Belt land has been disputed, local councillors claimed it was vital as part of the Core Strategy, which is devised to let developers know where they can or cannot build. Without such a scheme, it was argued, developers could then pick and choose sites on their whims.
The report is expected to go to cabinet in December, then before the full council in early 2014. If it passes these two hurdles, it will then be handed to the national government to offer an impartial examination.
Commenting on the proposals, Council leader Nick Forbes told "This is a major step forward for our city, which allows us to be a part of the global economy of the future with a confident, competitive business sector, thriving communities and new skills, jobs and homes for the next generation.
"It is a prospectus for success; replacing unfairness and inequality with opportunity and protecting the things which are precious to us and which make Newcastle unique, while remaining outward looking and open to new ideas."