Christmas Message from the Managing Director


Results driven...

As a company we are results driven. Most people want to sell their house in a timely manner for the best possible price and we have a range of performance based fees to suit every budget. 


When selling a house on the market in the traditional sense it is not uncommon for buyers to renege or seek to re-negotiate, but selling through auction tackles this problem. Auction is effective in controlling sale ‘fall throughs’ because buyers are financially committed to a purchase meaning instances of buyer withdrawals and gazundering are very rare (terms & conditions apply). 


We are aware that the Government is looking to review the current home selling process and I think we should strive to copy elements of the Scottish system. In Scotland the system is fair and efficient especially with regards to securing a deal. When a buyer agrees to a price they are committed, as opposed to the system in England whereby the buyer essentially expresses an interest but is still able to change their mind six weeks later.


Empty property?

Winter is fast approaching and home owners need to be prepared. Council tax costs apply even when vacant, insurance can often be invalidated through prolonged periods of vacancy and burst pipes can cause major damage. So why wait? Speak to one of our experienced Senior Valuers or myself on 07810483882.


Sellers and landlords are delighted with the proactivity of our staff. They are in touch with buyers and tenants to generate viewings, this separates us from ‘online only’ agents who by definition cannot have mailing lists as they have no local office. Online agents invest huge amounts on advertising to generate new listings but rely on incoming calls to do business. We pride ourselves on taking the time to match new buyers and tenants from our customer database to your properties and actually charge less. We are online AND have the benefit of 29 offices!


We are heading into what many agents call a ‘quiet’ time of year but I much prefer the autumn/winter market, you have serious buyers who are genuinely looking to buy a property. We sold 51 properties in Christmas week last year including 2 on Christmas Eve so it definitely cannot be said that it is quiet. It just depends on whether an agent is motivated to help their clients achieve results!


Act now and give us your property to sell or rent and you can have money in the bank, just in time for Christmas!


For further information freephone 0800 24 24 26. 


Caroline Pattinson

Managing Director