Alnwick District Food Bank




The Alnwick branch of Pattinson raised £500 in July by donating part of their profits for every new listing they got.

They donated £50 for each of the 10 new listings they got during the month.

They also did the same in May and raised £400.

Charlie Jefferson, Valuer of the Alnwick branch, said: “With the cost of living becoming increasingly difficult for families we wanted to do something that could help.

"Being a single parent myself and having used food banks when in difficult times I know just how important the basic foods are, how much people appreciate this service and just how busy they are.

"Unfortunately, the food banks have doubled in the uptake of families and now is the time we all need to go back to basics and support each other.

"I feel very proud we have been able to donate twice now with this campaign as a company raising over £900 for such a great local cause and we here at the Alnwick branch hope this is just the start. "


Alnwick District Food Bank has reported above-average demand throughout the summer, with 90% of new referrals down to the current cost of living crisis as rising food and energy prices, coupled with high private rents, push more and more people to the edge.

Posting on social media, Alnwick District Food Bank, said: “Our thanks to Charlie from Pattinson's who donated this money to us. They give £50 from every property listing and will continue to support us going forward. This is so very much appreciated as it allows us to add good quality fresh produce to our food parcels. From all at the ADFB.

“We have just come to the end of our financial year and we sent out 2,425 food parcels over that 12-month period, still a staggering 300% increase on pre-Covid numbers.”

The food bank team are due to move in September, on the same site but just across the car park.