A word from our Auction Director, Justin Beckwith

Auction update

Our innovative auction service is continuing to grow, and go from strength to strength, both here in the UK regionally and nationally, but also internationally. Regarding the month of August, we’re thrilled to report that our national auction department has just hit an all-time high with a record-breaking month for sales!


Property auction is proving time and time again that it is a worthwhile and key option of sale (irrespective the of size or value of the property) which offers a plethora of benefits. To name a few benefits; the seller has a secure sale, a deposit paid, a set date for completion (usually within 28 or 56 days) there is no upfront fee, and the property will not sell for less than the seller would like. 


Our dedicated auction team is here to discuss pricing or any other requirements you may have, in order to make sure that your sale yields the maximum benefits mentioned above. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us today, in order to take advantage of our property knowledge and substantial network through the proven success of our award-winning auction service.

We look forward to assisting you with selling your property for the best price possible.


Best Wishes,

Justin Beckwith

Auction Director