We take pride in offering the most to our customers and are pleased to introduce our NEW Self-Listing process. 

If you are shielding, are not quite ready to have our staff visit your property, or simply want your property listed as soon as possible we can help you sell or rent your property with these 7 simple steps to Self-Listing.

If you're already a registered customer, simply login to your account to start the process.


Or create an account by clicking here

Start typing the first line of the address or postcode to find the address of the property you want to sell or rent. 

Add the basic details of your property.


Next add a fuller description including unique selling points of your home. You can find inspiration from our current listings here

Upload your photographs, where possible, please take photos in landscape orientation.


Try to make the images as appealing as possible to potential buyers and tenants.  

• Tidy away clutter.

• Hide dishes from the draining board.

• Close toilet seats.

• Straight the bedsheets.

• Turn on lights to help brighten your home.

Add the individual rooms by selecting the Add Room button. 


Room measurements are not mandatory, but if possible, we would like to know the size of the room.

You will be able to match the image to the correct room once you have completed Steps 4 and 5.

If you need to make any changes before submitting, click the green headers to make amends.


Once you're happy with the information you've provided, click the 'submit your property' button.


We aim to be in contact within 30 minutes of submitting the property to discuss pricing, fee packages etc, or if out of working hours, then the next working day.