Property survey

Keith Pattinson FRICS qualified as a Chartered Surveyor before becoming and estate agent and our Survey Department has been established for nearly forty years.

Today we have a team of specialist surveyors who are all Members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and all have a minimum of 10 years' experience of providing surveying services throughout the North East of England on both residential or commercial property. Ray McIntosh Head of Survey has over thirty years of experience. Our surveyors are supported by an efficient team of administrators to ensure rapid delivery of a quality service.

Why should I have a survey?

A survey will help protect your investment when buying your future home. It will ensure the property you are buying is structurally sound and that there are no hidden defects or costly surprises. Having the right survey will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed to purchase at the agreed price.

How much do surveys cost?

The cost of surveys varies in accordance with the size and type of property. The Homebuyer Service starts from £360 including VAT and the Building Survey from £650 including VAT .

What are the different types of survey?

Most purchasers tend to lean towards either a Homebuyer Report or a Building Survey.
The Homebuyer Report is generally suited if you are buying a conventional property in reasonable condition.

Some of the features of the Homebuyer Service are:

  • Clear 'traffic light' ratings on the condition of different parts of the building
  • A summary of risks to the condition of the building
  • Professional Opinion on the Market Value and an insurance reinstatement figure for the property
  • A list of problems that may affect the value of the property
  • Advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance
  • Issues that need to be investigated to prevent serious damage or dangerous conditions
  • Legal issues that need to be addressed before completing your conveyancing

The Building Survey is generally opted for if you are purchasing a larger style, older or run-down property, if the building is unusual or altered, if it is a commercial premise or if you are planning major works. This survey gives more detailed information on the structure and fabric of the property and includes:

  • A thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues
  • A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws
  • An outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity
  • Advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous condition

When you proceed with a survey through us we will:

  • Discuss any particular concerns you have prior to the inspection
  • Liaise with the agent and/or vendor that you are buying from to arrange a mutually convenient time for the inspection (including out of hours appointments)
  • Return the completed survey report to you within 24 to 48 hours of the inspection
  • Discuss the contents of the report with you

Range of services also includes:

  • Valuation for purchase and lending purposes
  • Valuations for court purposes
  • Probate valuations
  • Expert witness reports
  • Development appraisals
  • Lease renewals
  • Sale and acquisition
  • Commercial valuations
  • Commercial Agency
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) on both residential and commercial premises

For further details please see attached the Home Surveys Information Sheet and Description of the RICS Homebuyer Service, call our survey hotline on 0191 296 2644 or email

For Commercial Professional services please contact the Commercial Department on 0191 737 1154 or


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