Meet the Team


Company Intro

Founded in 1977; we are renowned within the property industry for being an extremely successful property sales business, which prides itself on being at the forefront of embracing change and introducing our own innovative approaches in order to supply clients with more cost-effective and efficient methods of selling their properties.

Indeed it is our successes from the very beginning which have helped morph our business into the service provider to estate agents it is today. From our initial rollout of sharing our auction facility in the 1990's with like-minded estate agents, who also had recognised a space for auction in the location they operate, to supplying a fully white labelled tool which is currently utilised by our extensive list of Partner Agents, and which occupy every corner of the country.

Steering our service provision from a purpose-built 10,000 sq ft office in Newcastle Upon Tyne, itself operated by a team of more than 100 auction experts, we strive to ensure that our auction service is our Partners, very own Auction service. Indeed every angle is carefully considered in order to embed the facility within all of our Partners current property service offerings, ultimately helping each add an additional property service, at no cost to them, and crucially also guaranteeing that all of our Partners retain recognition for having what is in essence, their own property auction outlet.

With a variety of tailored auction products available, each of our Partners can be rest assured that we will fit the correct product to each of their valued customers.

Each of our Partners will also be supported by an experienced team of Business Development Managers; themselves with a wealth of agency knowledge; and who will personally be on hand to visit, assist, guide and advise so that auction is nurtured to become a valued outlet.

We recognise that customer service, and service delivery is key for any estate agency to succeed. To this end, we work tirelessly to support every one of our Partners, and every one of their respective clients, in order that each client which is shared with us, will be in safe hands.