North East March – Live Auction Feed…

LotAddressStarting BidTerms
57 Hessewelle Crescent2
57 Hessewelle Crescent
76 Whitley Road3
76 Whitley Road
1A Walnut Place4
1A Walnut Place
89-91 Tamworth Road5
89-91 Tamworth Road
33 Ravensworth Street6
33 Ravensworth Street
171-173 Windsor Avenue7
171-173 Windsor Avenue
50 Dominies Close8
50 Dominies Close
152 Yoden Road9
152 Yoden Road
4 Thomas Street10
4 Thomas Street
13-16 Ellison Road11
13-16 Ellison Road
2 Back Eldon Terrace12
2 Back Eldon Terrace
75 Coltpark Place14
75 Coltpark Place
95 Londonderry Road15
95 Londonderry Road
26 Edward Street16
26 Edward Street
32 Finsbury Street18
32 Finsbury Street
50 Seventh Street19
50 Seventh Street
9 Edengarth, Marden Estate21
9 Edengarth, Marden Estate
72 Tyne Gardens22
72 Tyne Gardens
27 Marshall Terrace23
27 Marshall Terrace
6 Elmwood Avenue25
6 Elmwood Avenue
73A Cardonnel Street26
73A Cardonnel Street

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