North West May – Live Auction Feed…

LotAddressStarting BidTerms
Kings Hotel, 553  New South Promenade0
Kings Hotel, 553 New South Promenade
32 Silverhill Drive0
32 Silverhill Drive
2 Seagrave Close Wellesley Street0
2 Seagrave Close Wellesley Street
15 Leamington Close0
15 Leamington Close
5 Chatsworth Road0
5 Chatsworth Road
14 Ravigill Place0
14 Ravigill Place
Flat F, 20 Lakeside Road2
Flat F, 20 Lakeside Road
29 Henry Whalley Street4
29 Henry Whalley Street
79 Skeffington Road6
79 Skeffington Road
7 Weston Road8
7 Weston Road
10 Daley Place10
10 Daley Place
6 Hanwell Street12
6 Hanwell Street
25 Rawnsley Avenue14
25 Rawnsley Avenue
64 Main Street16
64 Main Street
241 Western Road18
241 Western Road
13 Valpy Avenue20
13 Valpy Avenue
8 Talbot Street22
8 Talbot Street
18 Franklin Avenue24
18 Franklin Avenue
14 Prospect Grove26
14 Prospect Grove
381 Bowthorpe Road28
381 Bowthorpe Road
3a River Gardens30
3a River Gardens
24 Pippin Grove32
24 Pippin Grove
12 Bankfield Terrace34
12 Bankfield Terrace
50 Weaponness Valley Road36
50 Weaponness Valley Road
Skell Hill Sandside38
Skell Hill Sandside
17 Denville Road40
17 Denville Road
6 Dickson Street42
6 Dickson Street
63 Tennyson Street44
63 Tennyson Street
124 Coleman Court Kimber Road46
124 Coleman Court Kimber Road
Former Kings Road Tyre Depot, Station Road48
Former Kings Road Tyre Depot, Station Road
106 Station Road50
106 Station Road

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