Wallsend is situated in the east of Newcastle between city centre and the coastal areas. It is a historic town, named as it is built at the end of the Emperor Hadrian’s roman wall.

Hosting a busy high street and shopping centre, which is soon to be redeveloped, with a large supermarket and numerous other smaller convenience stores, the area is well provided for. Wallsend has excellent public transport links served by metro stations and frequent buses to all areas from the local bus station. Our busy Wallsend branch is conveniently located on the High Street.

There are pubs, social clubs, several restaurants, a leisure complex with swimming pool, a walk in health centre near the centre of Wallsend and a recently redeveloped large park in the town centre.

Wallsend has numerous primary schools in the area and two high schools and for further education there is north Tyneside Metropolitan College and Burnside Business Enterprise College.

Local attractions include Segedunum - the site of the roman fort, baths and museum, which attracts visitors from far and wide.